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When you set out to uncover what makes VerQu different from other technology companies, you need to look no further than the team of engineers and developers creating our exclusive software platform. This partnership results in technology that works seamlessly to effectively complete your data migration needs.

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Our Products

Our broad array of migration and data management solutions ensures we have a resolution for your every data demand. Our team of expert engineers understand the complex market of data migration and have developed the most comprehensive software solution that best fits any of our clients needs.

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Our Services

We’re a team of top-level engineers, developers and project managers with a deep knowledge and understanding of data and the ever-changing information technology landscape. VerQu has successfully served domestic and global organizations ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies. Whatever your data question we’ll have the answer.

Our Partners

Phoenix Migrator logo

Phoenix Migrator

Phoenix Migrator is an email and data migration solution that allows you to migrate from any source to any destination.

Archive migration to the cloud

Archive Migration

Moving archive data is no small task. We offer fully managed migration services ensuring the project is done right the first time.

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Clinical Data

For Healthcare providers, migrating patient data from a legacy EMR can be as critical as the patients it holds. We provide full chain of custody ensuring everything gets migrated.

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