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Our Data Management Products

Our extensive collection of migration and data management products ensures we have a solution for every data demand. Our team of highly skilled professionals understands the complex market of records retention and compliance, and have developed comprehensive software solutions built to fit all of our clients’ needs.

VerQu - Phoenix for Data Migration

Our industry leading data migration platform offers an on-prem archive and a cloud migration archive workflow depending on your archive source. Our trusted solution allows you to migrate data in various formats which meets your specific needs, big or small.

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VerQu - Hive for NetDocuments

Aimed at solving NetDocuments customers’ most challenging pain points. Our solutions have been designed and developed while working with firms worldwide. From security, integration to user control, we enhance your NetDocuments experience.

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VerQu - Hydra Communication Capture Platform

Hydra’s two workflows meets your data needs. From communication capture to eDiscovery, Hydra gives you the ability to seamlessly connect all of your communication channels efficiently giving you more visibility of your data.

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Our Services

We’re a team of top-level engineers, developers and project managers with a deep knowledge and understanding of data management and the ever-changing information technology landscape. VerQu has successfully served domestic and global organizations ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.
Whatever your data question, we’ll have the answer.

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    VerQu - Data Management and Migration
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    VerQu - Data Management and Migration
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