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You needn’t look further than the team of engineers and developers creating our exclusive software platform to uncover what makes VerQu different from other technology companies. This results in technology that works seamlessly to effectively complete your data needs. By constantly developing the next generation of VerQu products, our team consistently stays on the forefront of innovation and meets the ever-changing landscape of today’s technology needs.

VerQu’s leadership and technical teams are comprised of migration professionals with expertise moving, analyzing and understanding the most complex environments. “On time” and “on budget” are important measures of any IT project – but they’re not the only measures. We’re not only results driven, we’re passionate about the entire process and this passion translates to success every time.

We are always on the hunt for new talent! Take a look at our VerQu career page.

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VerQu is proud to be associated with the following organizations that are addressing real problems facing the legal, technology, and security industry. VerQu works seamlessly with these associations to effectively offer best in-class solutions and services.

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We form lasting relationships with industry leading financial, IT security and legal firms to extend the value of our solutions. When you partner with VerQu, you gain success from our products and services. This partnership results in technology that works seamlessly to effectively complete your data migration needs.

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