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    Hive for NetDocuments
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    Hive VerQu Support

    General – Hive for NetDocuments

    What is Hive for NetDocuments?
    Hive enhances your NetDocuments management platform, allowing unique visibility into what organizations consider most valuable – their data. Hive helps firms organize documents, folders, and workspaces so everyone can work effectively. Hive provides users with a unique way to visualize user data, making it easier than ever to drive user adoption and enforce compliance measures.

    Who should use Hive for NetDocuments in my organization?
    IT Admins/Help Desk Support, IT Security, Compliance and C-Level Executives.

    What is NetDocuments?
    Founded in 1999, with more than 2,700 enterprise customers worldwide, NetDocuments is the legal industry’s most trusted cloud-based content services and workflow platform. Complete with state-of-the-art built-in security, compliance and governance solutions, NetDocuments offers document management, email management and collaboration technology complete with disaster recovery, enterprise search, and matter centricity features. For more information about NetDocuments, please visit the NetDocuments website.

    How will Hive for NetDocuments benefit me and my company?
    It’s important for firms to BEE adaptable in the ever changing technology industry. No matter organization size, Hive adds value to the existing NetDocuments platform.

    We have been working closely with law firms and corporate legal globally over the past several years. This has given us the opportunity to develop Hive for NetDocuments platform to be a powerful solution to enhance NetDocuments integration, security and adoption. Hive for NetDocuments provides administrators with a unique way to visualize user data, making it easier than ever to drive user adoption and enforce compliance measures. Improving your Security, Risk, Compliance, Search Integration, and User Controls within the NetDocuments platform!

    What will my Hive for NetDocuments dashboard show me?
    Hive for NetDocuments dashboard will show you an overview of what you have access to in regards to the Hive platform. You will see shortcuts of each solution you have access to, along with visualization of analytics for each of the solution.

    URL Interceptor for NetDocuments

    What is Hive URL Interceptor for NetDocuments?
    URL Interceptor is an application that allows companies in the processes of migrating over to NetDocuments to still utilize their old reference links, both on the file system or embedded in a document/email.

    When would I need to utilize Hive URL Interceptor for NetDocuments?
    After a firm moves to NetDocuments, you might encounter broken links. This is where Hive URL Interceptor comes into play – It will redirect those links!

    How do I get started/what do I need to do before I start running the URL interceptor?
    Setup is simple, we just need to know the ID of the custom attribute inside of NetDocuments that is storing the legacy Documents and how those Documents are presented.

    How do I deploy the Hive URL Interceptor in my environment?
    A majority of our customers leverage SCCM to deploy to user work stations that require the legacy links to open properly in ndOffice.

    What legacy links does Hive URL Interceptor for NetDocuments support?
    Currently supported: • Worldox (WDL) • eDocs (DRF) • iManage (NRL)

    How does URL Interceptor work?
    Once installed, a user clicks the legacy link (WDL, DRF, NRL) and the application associates itself with the appropriate file. Seamlessly opening the link in ND Office – without the end user even knowing!

    ShareSpaceMigrator for NetDocuments

    What are ShareSpaces?
    ShareSpaces are containers meant to be shared externally for users outside of the legal firm.
    Disclaimer: These will be discontinued! Don’t worry, Hive’s ShareSpace Migrator can help you transfer your documents securely in just 3 steps.

    What are CollabSpaces?
    CollabSpaces secure file sharing for the modern workforce. CollabSpaces provides a single place where users can easily share, collaborate on, and manage access to files across organizations in their NetDocuments environment.

    How do CollabSpaces work?
    Step 1: Administrator creates CollabSpace
    Administrators have complete control over who can create CollabSpaces and the access rights within them; however, they can also delegate the ability to create CollabSpaces to trusted users
    Step 2: Administrator or internal user creates NetDocuments accounts for external users.
    Once created, external users will receive an invitation to create a NetDocuments account and gain access to the CollabSpace
    Step 3: Add files for sharing
    Users, both internal and external, may upload files to be shared. Note that external users must be given permission to upload files.
    Step 4: Collaborate
    Depending on access rights for the CollabSpace, users can download, edit, or simply view files for streamlined collaboration.

    What features are included in Hive’s ShareSpace Migrator for NetDocuments?
    You’re able to transfer documents securely into a CollabSpace with its access, history, headings, and subscriptions intact. It focuses on moving items so you can share and collaborate on documents effortlessly. There are additional features that you can take advantage of for example, exporting documents from the share space to the file system. Phases of Assessment, Migration, and Management happens during your transition between ShareSpaces to CollabSpaces.

    What if I don’t know how ShareSpaces are being used in my NetDocuments environment?
    Don’t worry, you can consider our ShareSpace Assessment the right fit!

    What type of things will Hive’s ShareSpace Assessment for NetDocuments show me?
    Everything! It will show you how ShareSpaces are being used in your environment, who has access to them, the amount of internal and external users that have access to your share spaces etc.

    Security for NetDocuments

    Why do I need Hive Security for NetDocuments?
    Having a strong security feature is now the norm for all firms. For companies looking to elevate an already super-secure platform, Hive’s visualizations and data analytics make it easy to get the answers you need for users, and content. Like in any company, security is our top priority. Hive brings visibility and keeps unwanted guests out. It lets you easily decide who can see or edit what from lower level workers to higher level workers. You can create custom visualization on users, groups in the Hive!

    What can I do with Hive Security for NetDocuments?
    You can get a report with everything that a NetDocuments user has access to within their ecosystem. So, say a firm wants to monitor multiple accounts at the same time to see who has access to what. Hive Security for NetDocuments gives you the ability to oversee several accounts on one screen, so you do not have to have 100 tabs open!

    General Overview:


    1.  Externally Shared Containers
      a. Count of externally shared containers
      b. User list of internal members with links to shared containers
      c. User list of external members with links to shared containers
      d. Externally shared item list
    2. IP addresses
    3. Inconsistent permissions

    Analytics that can be remediated

    1. Frozen Items
    2. Empty Containers
    3. Count of Expired Links

    Users & Groups

    1. Complete list of repository administrators
    2. Administrators by cabinet
    3. Federated users
    4. New User Analytics
      a. New users added in the past ‘x’ days (configurable)
      b. Most Active/Inactive new users
      c. New user accounts created over time
      d. Top groups with new users

    Analytics that can be remediated

    1. Users that have never logged on 
    2. Groups with no users

    How are we capturing data from NetDocuments for Hive?
    Hive leverages NetDocuments consolidated activity logs to generate/design interactive visuals so you can connect with your data. Trust us, it sounds easier than it seems!

    Help Desk Admin for NetDocuments

    Why do I need Hive Help Desk Admin for NetDocuments?
    If you find yourself wanting more security controls and Help Desk functionality without granting cabinet level rights in your NetDocuments environment, look no further!

    Hive – Help Desk Admin for NetDocuments is an application tailored for help desk personnel within a legal firm. Even better, it allows one to perform high level actions upon a NetDocuments environment – Who doesn’t want to be queen bee?

    Who should use the Help Desk Admin Solution for NetDocuments in my organization?
    Internal Help Desk and 3rd party support!

    “I’m already using a competing product. Why do I need Hive Help Desk Admin for NetDocuments?”
    Having Help Desk Admin is like having the master key to your NetDocuments environment. You will have elevated credentials provided by the access license, without elevating the user’s individual credentials. So, in Star Wars terms this means you have the high ground!

    Plus, Hive for NetDocuments has many other solutions that can also be integrated into your NetDocuments environment (which we highly recommend you check them out!). Not to mention, your dashboard gives you the ability to see more than one solution. What’s better than that?

    How do I install Hive Help Desk Admin for NetDocuments?
    For the desktop version we provide you with the necessary files. In the web version there are no additional prerequisites. We are here to help you through this process! Whenever you’re ready we will bee there!

    What do I need to do before setting up Hive Help Desk Admin for NetDocuments?
    Don’t sweat it! For the desktop version, (.net framework 4.6+ is required) you need a security active directory group with the name “HelpDeskAccess-Admin”. Our experts recommend you having a NetDocuments service account for the setup process.

    Additionally, users who will be using Hive’s Help Desk Admin for NetDocuments needs the ability to read active directory users and groups, otherwise you may lead to issues down the road.

    It may sound confusing, but we are here to help every step of the way!

    Do all of the actions within the application get logged somewhere for me to see?
    Sure thing! There are two sides to this question. In the desktop version, we record everything in audit logs so you are able to choose where those logs get recorded on the file system. In the web version, they will be recorded in the database. In the future those logs will be consumable via a SIEM tool.

    What problem does Hive Help Desk Admin for NetDocuments solve?
    It gives admins and 3rd party support access/permissions to do admin level actions without having to be cabinet level admins. Changing group ACL’s, checking-in documents, moving folders, the possibilities are endless!

    Analytics for NetDocuments

    How does Hive Analytics benefit my NetDocuments environment?
    Hive provides you with unique insights and a deeper understanding so your organization can fully blossom. Checkout our list below:

    1. Total activity in the past ‘x’ days (configurable)
    2. Complete list of Administrators
    3. Complete list of Users
    4. Complete list of Groups
    5. Complete list of Cabinets
    6. Complete list of Workspaces
    7. Largest/Smallest Files
    8. Most Active/Inactive Cabinets
    9. Most Active/Inactive Workspaces
    10. Most Active/Inactive Users
    11. Most Active/Inactive Files
    12. NetDocuments Product Usage over time
    13. Documents by filetype
    14. Recently Modified Analytics
      a. Total count of recently modified in the past ‘x’ days (configurable)
      b. Documents modified over a certain amount of times (configurable)
      c. Who has modified the most items
      d. Modified items over time
      e. Most recently modified items
    15. Checked Out Analytics
      a. Total count of checked out items in the past ‘x’ days (configurable)
      b. Documents that have been checked out for over ‘x’ months (configurable)
      c. Who has the most items checked out
      d. Checked out over time e. Top cabinets/workspaces with checked out items

    Analytics that can be remediated:

      1. Unfoldered Items
      2. Direct Access Items
      3. Documents over ‘x’ MB (configurable)
      4. Documents under ‘x’ Bytes (configurable)
      5. Complete list of Cabinets

    What features can I see in Hive Analytics for NetDocuments?
    Lots! Hive Analytics for NetDocuments will give you insight in how your items are being shared externally, where and when people are accessing your data, and the most and least active items in your environment.

    What kind of visibility do I get with Hive Analytics for NetDocuments?
    All essential information at a glance!

    Importer for NetDocuments

    What does the Importer for NetDocuments do?
    After you select what you want to import, Hive Importer puts the selected items into NetDocuments. Simple as that!

    Does Hive Importer for NetDocuments maintain folder structure?
    Yes, by default.

    What if the data that I want to import comes from another Document Management System?
    We plan to have a metadata management system that will make the transaction to NetDocuments easier.

    Bee on the lookout for it!

    Exporter for NetDocuments

    What does the Hive Exporter for NetDocuments do?
    After you select what you want to import, Hive Importer puts the selected items into NetDocuments. Simple as that!

    Why would I need the Hive Exporter for NetDocuments?
    IT and legal professionals often encounter manual-heavy search and export processes. We streamline this approach by usage of mass search and can export thousands of documents at a time based on criteria. For instance, if an attorney is leaving the firm, they can still get access to all of their documents by using this tool to gather their data in a short amount of time.

    Is there a desktop version of Hive Exporter for NetDocuments?
    Yes, the desktop version copies items from NetDocuments to your file system.

    Does Hive Exporter for NetDocuments maintain folder structure and allow you to export all versions of a document?
    Yes and yes. Hive Exporter for NetDocuments does this by default.

    Can I generate a metadata report with Hive Exporter for NetDocuments?
    Yes we support exporting to JSON and will be supporting export to CSV soon. Keep an eye out for it!

    Does Hive Exporter for NetDocuments record audit logs?
    Yes and you can choose where those logs get recorded on the file system!

    Remediation for NetDocuments

    What does Hive Remediation for NetDocuments do?
    With Hive Remediation, you are able to fix your NetDocuments environment, and clean up discrepancies. Along with the help of our Security and Help Desk Admin solutions, the Remediation solution helps you stay ahead of the curve by repairing potential risks and issues within your NetDocuments environment.

    What are the benefits of Hive Remediation for NetDocuments?
    This solution gives the user the ability to make mass changes to documents, cabinets, and workspaces. For example, you can bulk check-in documents, bulk delete (and permanently delete), mass ACL changes, and have user-group provisioning.

    Can I mass restore documents with Hive Remediation for NetDocuments?
    You bet. Any documents you choose to restore can be mass restored with Hive Remediation in your NetDocuments environment. This will save you a lot of time!

    Shortcut Mail Interceptor for NetDocuments

    What are the capabilities of the Shortcut Mail Interceptor solution?
    This solution rehydrates Enterprise Vault, and Capax/EAS mail shortcuts into NetDocuments.

    Hive Shortcut Mail Interceptor for NetDocuments improves efficiency by restoring broken stubs/links. Better yet, this solution not only eliminates dependency on legacy mail archive solution but also increases end-user adoption with NetDocuments, giving you a seamless experience.

    Current supported sources include:
    • Enterprise Vault
    • Capax/EAS Archiving

    Auto Account Removal for NetDocuments

    What are the functions of Hive Auto Account Removal for NetDocuments?
    This solution integrates with Active Directory! Auto Account Removal enables account restoration in minutes with full permissions based on previous access. It removes accounts automatically from NetDocuments, collects and saves permissions for reporting and auditing.
    This solution saves you a lot of time and effort! What more could you want?

    VerQu - Data Management and Migration
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    VerQu - Data Management and Migration
    Ask us what we can do for you