Migrate legacy user and journal data seamlessly from source system to target archive destination. Regardless of data size, storage or destination archive, we have you covered.

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Our streamlined approach takes your data directly from source to destination without intermediate steps. VerQu's migration platform simplifies the overall migration process while maintaining ownership thus alleviating chain of custody concerns. Its powerful features ensure our archive migration is reliable and legally defensible.

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Release Your Resources

If not properly run, archive migrations can become a resource drain when managing exceptions. Our software automates these functions, allowing organizations to focus IT resources on other projects.

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Save Money

Finish your archive migration quickly, accurately and without incident. VerQu does it all, saving you money resources. From minimizing the number of help desk calls to saving storage space.

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Do It Once, Do It Right

Given the amount of data and the potential difficulty with locating files effectively, archive migrations can be arduous. Our tool is flexible accurate, reducing the need to redo steps or migrate your data in multi-stepped approach.

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Administrative Control

Gain full control of how and when the project is run and executed with an intuitive, configurable web interface

File Health Check

File Health Check

Assess the health of your PST files during a search and report on any files that may throw an error or hinder the migration project.

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Proprietary File Owner Assessment Algorithms

Ensure that your data is being migrated to the correct user archive. Our tool uses proprietary algorithms that take many factors into account when determining the file owner, while presenting that data as an easy-to-understand interface.

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Flexible Role Management

Give your administrators powerful options for managing the various roles played in your archive migration. For example, if your organization discovered PST files using alternative technology, our software lets you import your data straight from the third-party database.

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End-User Communication Management

Enable easy configuration of rich HTML or plain text notifications for communicating with users before, during and after migration, keeping them informed and reducing help desk calls.

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End-User Opt-In Features

Configure automated messages to end users, giving them self-service control over the migration of their PST files.