Clinical Data Migration

Retire your legacy EMR systems

Our services and solutions are enabling the next generation of clinical systems, while allowing hospital & healthcare professionals to retire legacy systems.

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Medical Data Migrated

For healthcare organizations, moving to a new Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system can sometimes be a potential roadblock when consolidating technologies. Whether the cost of supporting a legacy systems is too high or the business has decided to upgrade to a more modern EMR; Phoenix Migrator for Clinical Data allows you to seamlessly move medical records from a legacy source to your desired target.

Migrating existing patient data over to your healthcare practices new EMR can be time consuming, resource intensive and challenging if not done right. Here at VerQu we’ve developed a stress-free, cost effective solution made to streamline the extraction and export with fully defensible chain of custody.

Full Chain-of-Custody

Detailed audit trail representing each patient and information associated with them, making sure nothing is left behind.

Enabling EMR Adoption

Our services and solution provide the flexibility and scalability to meet any EMR requirement.

Patient Data Extraction

Convert data from a legacy EMR system to usable format for import.

Patient Health Records

Illustration of people
Patient Demographics
Illustration of allergies
Illustration of a medication bottle
Illustration of a checklist being filled out
Problem List
A folder with a clock in front to represent historical patient info
Historic Patient Info
Illustration of Vital Signs
Vital Signs
Immunization Records
Immunization Records
Illustration of a doctor
Refering Doctors
Scanned Documents

Phoenix Migrator For EMR

Use our Phoenix Migrator platform to move all of your Clinical Patient Data. Our platform migrates your data quickly and efficiently; without the worry of data loss.

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