Exchange Mail Migration

Migrate Email and Public Folders to your destination of choice

VerQu’s dedicated migration practice will ensure your project is done right the first time. Proper planning and a firm understanding of all the project details are just a few key things that set us apart.

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Leaders in Email Migrations

We’ve helped hundreds of companies move to newer versions of Exchange (on-premise or to O365). We scale to meet all of your migration needs.

Our advanced process and automation capabilities streamline the migration for Exchange mailbox and public folder moves to newer versions of Exchange and Office 365. Our knowledgeable and experienced migration team walks you through the process to plan and schedule your migration with every detail in mind.

Supported platforms include: Exchange 5.5, Exchange 2000, Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016,
and Office 365.

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Public Folders

Swiftly migrate public folders and content between Exchange organizations and Office 365. Helping eliminate the unexpected and guarantee success when moving or filtering.

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Everything and Anything

Migrate everything, or choose what you want to migrate including messages, folders, contacts, attachments, tasks and calendars.

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Office 365

Moving to the cloud can seem overwhelming. VerQu will help you understand risk, and potential issues when weaving through a complex migration.

Public Folder Migration Made Easy

With instances of data loss on the rise, the understanding of public folders, their permissions and ownership is critical for organizations looking to solidify their security posture. Following Microsoft’s intention to dissuade users from using public folders, your organization is likely giving serious consideration to the remediation and migration of its public folder archives.

VerQu brings a holistic approach to public folder cleanup, providing the insight and intelligence your organization requires to make educated decisions about data validity, ownership and access, within your compliance needs.

VerQu helps you understand your environment, allowing for a solution that allows for flexible discovery of the public folder environment.By doing so, you can make intelligent ownership choices which will reduce your data volume and simplify the migration to the target destination. Take appropriate action so that access to data meets Enterprise, Legal and Regulatory Compliance.



You’re assigned a migration specialist dedicated to your project


A custom migration plan based on your environment from our team of experts

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Updates throughout the process when milestone are met

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Flexibility of tailoring custom requests based on project needs and requirements for a successful migration

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Knowing that your migration project is being coordinated by the best team of migration experts with years of experience

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Faster more efficient migrations with VerQu. Having been there and done that, we’re here to help