Affinity Consulting wrote an article about our ShareSpace Vs CollabSpaces Migrator. A sneak peek below!

Last year, NetDocuments released a new collaboration method called “CollabSpaces” that will eventually replace ShareSpaces. ShareSpaces will continue to exist and function as before for those already using them.

So, why use CollabSpaces? A CollabSpace offers more flexibility for the person sharing content, and more control and oversight for administrators. The previous limitations and obstacles with ShareSpaces are removed, allowing users to invite external parties directly into NetDocuments as a ‘client portal’ with full control over what they see and do.

Organizations that have ShareSpaces may want a way to migrate their data to CollabSpaces. While existing ShareSpaces will continue to function, there are no administrative tools for reporting on them or tracking the content and users in them.

To help you in the transition to CollabSpaces, VerQu has developed a ShareSpace Migrator. This utility allows you to identify existing ShareSpaces and report on statistics such as the number of documents, file size, and users. This initial assessment phase also helps you clean up the ShareSpaces prior to doing the migration. You can delete unneeded ShareSpaces and remove inactive external users.

The migrator offers a simple dashboard where you can select the ShareSpaces for migration, and monitor the migration jobs as they process.

After completing the transition to CollabSpaces, you will want to continue to report on external access and activity. With VerQu’s Hive monitoring, an administrator can monitor and audit CollabSpace activity. Thresholds can be set to send alerts based on activity, permissions, and time frames.

Read the complete article on the Affinity Consulting website.

Click here for more information on our ShareSpace Migrator or other services we offert for NetDocuments.

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    VerQu - Data Management and Migration
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