Docs on the Rocks: Monitoring your DMS 

Recently, VerQu’s very own Scott Whitman had been invited onto Affinity’s Docs on the Rocks podcast to talk about VerQu and the Monitoring of DMSHe was joined by host Chris Martz and partner Ron Warman to help explain how to manage documents in the business world. Here are some highlights of the Podcast: 

 Why monitor your DMS? 

Scott explains how it is shocking how little the amount for DMS monitoring there are, compared to how important monitoring your DMS is and how much data is held within it. Ron jumps in and tells of what exactly there is in DMS, and that we need to be able to monitor the data going into the newer cloud technology which takes the data out of the company. The goal is to see who is looking at the data and what they are doing with it exactly.  

How has being home affected the of cyber-attacks? 

One would think that cyber attacks would go down as not as many people are working now due to the pandemic, but Scott explains that recently, there have been a spike in attacks, reaching 192,000 coronavirus cyber attacks in just a two week span during the month of May. 

What other options are there to gather information in a useable factor other than navigating through the NetDocuments? 

Scott shares that the goal of aligning with NetDocuments is because their great platform had a few white spots which enables us to step in and help monitor users and their behavior. VerQu gives insight to find out who is using what data and where the data is going, and if some users have access to items that they should not be seeing.  

How does Hive help in this situation? 

Hive is used to help see all of your security and analytics needs throughout the platform to see things such as information that does not belong, users in spots that they shouldn’t be, how outside users are able to get in, where documents are going.

Hive is able to put locks on data and shut out different accounts in scenarios such as if a lawyer is leaving a firm and their download of data spikes, allowing whoever is monitoring the data to take quick actions against the rogue employee and stop them from taking sensitive company data. 

How will Hive benefit your NetDocuments environment? 

Gain exclusive visibility through Hive’s Security and Analytics to monitor all factors that goes into managing your DMS. 

Want more information? 

Check out to gain more insight on our robust platform and see what more we have to offer with our 30-Day Free Trial. 

Also, be sure to listen to the full Docs on the Rocks episode here: 

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    VerQu - Data Management and Migration
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