Microsoft Ignite- September 2020

Microsoft’s yearly Ignite conference has been switched to an online venue. The conference will be taking place from September 22nd to September 24th 2020. Microsoft is looking for a smoothly run online conference to inform its customers and partners in innovation, solutions, migrations, and infrastructure management.

This year, Microsoft  is focusing on 3 main ideas: diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. Microsoft has built in solutions for multiple different scenarios. For those who cannot see or read the screen properly due to size or brightness, Microsoft can will set you up with a narrator for your time at the conference. They even added low vision, legally blind, and color-blind solutions so that everyone can join in!

Not only did Microsoft do this for people hard of hearing, but they also gave solutions to people who are either hard of hearing or deaf. Along with those two solutions they also have technology allowing you to bring your conference on the go, to easily learn from the information given, and even a mental health solution.

Due to all these amazing features, all reasons why you should definitely attend to conference, you might be thinking that the price to attend is through the roof… We thought that too. In this case, however, it is quite the opposite, as Microsoft is inviting everybody to their conference for FREE! There is no reason to miss out on this spectacular virtual event.

Will you be attending?

For more information about the conference, check it out here on the Microsoft website:

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