What is eDiscovery Day?

If you’re reading this news post, you probably are wondering what eDiscovery Day is. Why is it celebrated? When is it this year? Don’t worry, we’ll fill you in on the scoop!

This year, eDiscovery Day falls on December 3rd, where legal professionals around the world join (virtually, of course) in celebrating eDiscovery’s vital and growing role in the legal industry. All too often, eDiscovery professionals operate in the background and become lost amongst the noise of the court. Professionals who specialize in this practice deserve the recognition- this day is for them! 

“E-Discovery Day was started in 2015 as a way for the e-discovery industry to come to together to celebrate the vital and growing role that e-discovery plays in the legal process. As an industry-wide, vendor-neutral celebration, E-Discovery Day brings legal professionals together on one day with online webinars, in-person educational and networking events, CLE opportunities, social media conversations, and more. The number of supporters, participants, and related events has grown each year, with more than 2600 e-discovery and legal professionals participating in E-Discovery Day in 2018” (from Global News Wire).

Over the last few years, eDiscovery has been becoming a large part of the legal world. This practice allows legal professionals to help drive client success. But how? Well, there’s a number of reasons; first, it discovers key trends early in the process so that the end user can have best practices. It discovers key trends by analyzing key metrics, and utilizing advanced analytics to segregate and prioritize data, and lots more, but we don’t want you spend hours reading this!

Why the “e?”

“eDiscovery is really just another way to describe discovery, the process of obtaining and exchanging evidence, or information that might potentially become evidence, in litigation. But as the world has moved almost exclusively to electronic communications, some legal professionals began adding the “e” to make it clear that electronic records were now involved. So at a basic level, eDiscovery describes the process of discovery, updated to address the challenges and complications of collecting, reviewing, and producing evidence in the modern, digital world” (from Logikcull).

VerQu is proud to be a part of this technology breakthrough. With our Hydra solution, we provide advanced eDiscovery procedures that reduce costs, and mitigate risks which increases efficiency across your captured communication platforms- from Slack to Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, and more! View our complete connectors list on the Hydra Page.

While eDiscovery is changing the practice of law, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, has caused law firms, corporate legal teams, and the courts to make adjustments. As we come to the end of the year, it’s important to consider how these changes will affect the industry, and how eDiscovery will evolve, for 2021 and beyond. The future for eDiscovery looks bright. But how will it evolve? We will have to wait and see…

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