Relativity Fest is Soon!

Relativity Fest 2020, hosted by Relativity, is quickly approaching! This an annual conference offers a community of e-discovery, compliance, and tech professionals, working together to transform discovery. Attendees will be able to watch live and on-demand sessions, get the latest e-discovery news, and even network like a pro – all from home.

Even though Relativity Fest is being held virtual this year (Sept. 21-23), the conference’s lineup of high level events. So don’t worry- your days will be filled with exciting topics. Attendees will get to enjoy being a part of breakout sessions, panel discussions, hands on exercises, built-in networking, workflow tips. Whether you’re just starting to learn about new tech or you’re an ‘ol timer, there’s something for everybody!

Every conference is a networking opportunity, but in these times Relativity Fest not only gives legal tech professionals the opportunity to learn from each other, but they also making sure that everyone has a chance to attend for FREE.

In addition to keynotes, discussions, and awards, Relativity will be showcasing their new Aero UI. Be on the lookout for UI sessions such as the hands-on tour that you can test-drive the new user experience in RelativityOne. More UI focused sessions will cover everything from a baseline overview of what users can expect with the new UI from how automated workflows can eliminate manual steps in the case setup process; to how Relativity designed Aero UI.

Relativity is making an impact in their local community with things like Relativity Fest – and beyond. View the full agenda and register for free now for Relativity Fest 2020.

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