Why Choose VerQu?


Here are 5 reasons why customers choose VerQu:  

1. We put the needs of customer first 

Listening to our customers and meeting their needs are very important to us. Being oriented towards serving the client’s needs and measuring customer-satisfaction levels gives us the ability to determine our sucess. We differentiate ourselves in the IT industry because of our user-friendly services. For instance, Hive for NetDocuments enhances your existing environment, allowing you to have more control with exclusive features. From an Admin perspective, Hive provides you with a unique way to visualize user data, making it easier than ever to drive user adoption and enforce compliance measures. We are all for giving YOU the ability to control YOUR environment. We hear you, and want to help you do better! 


2. We are ahead of the curve 

We notice trends, learn how effective they are, and adopt the new technologies. Doing this constantly increases the quality of our services, and with that- customer satisfaction also expands. Implementing changes helps us develop the most elite solutions that keeps us, and more importantly, YOU ahead of the competition. Even in times of a pandemic, we are able to adapt to change and give you the best service possible. Our Hydra solution for communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Slack is there to help you better share your ideas and connect with your firm. We are proactively focused on innovation. With our incredible partnerships and our niche in connecting your data to you, we are always on the hunt for new and creative ways to use technology to make your job easier! 


3. We are humans- not machines 

While we are in era of automation, any kind of personalization is warmly welcomed. No, we are not robots- we are just like you and our job is to help! For question answering and problem solving, check out our VerQu Support Page we are available to chat at all times of the day so you don’t have to wait until the next business day. When submitting a ticket request, you will be matched with our team of experts who can pretty much answer all of your tech questions fast so you don’t have to spend much time worrying about what’s wrong! We speak your language– we come in peace! Whatever your question, we’ll have the answer– except for those impossible ones like what’s at the bottom of the ocean… (definitely scary creatures) As mentioned before, we only answer tech questions! 


4. We are responsive 

 If your company needs a data migration done over the weekend, don’t worry– enjoy your day, we’ve got you covered! We will be there to migrate whenever you need it and to where you need it. Like in most industries, response time is crucial name one person who likes waiting for an answer… We can’t either. But seriously, time matters pretty much everywhere but, in this caseit matters even more! 


5. Firms and clients alike trust us 

Here at VerQu, we take responsibility to care for the relationship we have built with you. We continually add value and help you to be proactive, by offering next generation services that align with your goals. Firms and clients alike trust us as we strive to help to connect them to their data safely on premise or on cloud without intermittent steps. Our mutual trust with our clients allows for smooth sailing when working together. 

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    VerQu - Data Management and Migration
    Ask us what we can do for you


    VerQu - Data Management and Migration
    Ask us what we can do for you