Document Management Utilities

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VerQu offers a wide variety of utilities that automate your daily tasks.

Help Desk Access

The Help Desk Access Solution for iManage or NetDocs is used by Help/Support Desk personnel to search for and take action on documents within their environment with elevated credentials provided via the access license. The solutions elevated credentials allow for additional actions to be taken by the Help/Support Desk personnel without elevating their individual credentials, while also limiting the functionality by means of the actions within the solution.

Provide Elevated Access | Complete Audit Trail | Supports NetDocs & iManage

Browser Interceptor

Allows the end user to utilize their browser of choice (Chrome, Mozilla, IE, Etc.) for their day to day activities, but when interacting with a NetDocuments URL be redirected to Internet Explorer for the full NetDocuments functionality and experience. The redirect functionality can be scoped to only occur for the opening documents, any NetDocuments URL or anything in between.

Multiple Browser Support | Seamless Redirect | Customizable Experience

URL Interceptor

Intercept legacy document links and redirects them within NetDocs and iManage. Provides a seamless user experience for legacy references/stubs of a documentation management system that may remain in the organization (whether within other documents, emails or other files) after successful migration to a newer document management system - NetDocs/iManage.

Intercept Legacy Links | Seamless User Experience | Supports NetDocs & iManage

Supported Platforms