Document Management Utilities

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VerQu offers a wide variety of utilities that automate your daily tasks.

Key Features:

  • Intercepts Legacy Links

  • Multiple Browser Support

  • Seamless User Experience

Provides a seamless user experience for legacy references/stubs of a documentation management system that may remain in the organization (whether within other documents, emails or other files) after a successful migration to a newer system (NetDocuments). The interceptor works by catching the event of a user opening/clicking a DRF file or pdoc link and translating the file/link to tjavascript:;he appropriate document NetDocuments and requesting that document on behalf of the user.

The translation is done by reading the legacy information, specifically the database name and document id, and searching for the document in NetDocuments with this information in the legacy field. Once found, this item is returned to the user without knowing any knowledge of the interception, translating and redirecting.

Key Features:

  • Provide Elevated Access

  • Seamless Check-in/Out

  • Complete Audit Trail

The Help Desk Access Utility for NetDocs is used by Help/Support Desk personnel to search for and take action on documents within the NetDocuments environment with elevated credentials provide via the access license. The utility’s elevated credentials allow for additional actions to be taken by the Help/Support Desk personnel without elevating their individual credentials, while also limiting the functionality by means of the actions within the utility.

These actions are searching across cabinets or scoped (with advanced search parameters), obtaining all the details about the result set of searched documents and finally having the ability to check in a document that is currently checked in. All actions are called through native NetDocument API functions and logged appropriately for a complete audit trail.

Supported Platforms