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Hydra – Communication Capture Platform

Industry leading discovery and delivery platform which allows clients to integrate and connect all internal and external communication channels. Our wide-ranging list of connectors includes emails, enterprise social, chat, financial messaging platforms, files, and custom content. Our solution is trusted by the largest financial, healthcare and legal firms to ensure compliant data capture.

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Communication Channels

Hydra Workflow

Hydra offers two advanced workflows to meet your data needs. Our communication capture allows clients to seamlessly integrate an existing archive for all communication channels with the ability to seamlessly add new connectors. Hydra’s eDiscovery provides the ability to preserve and recollect edited and deleted messages, with no data limit on searches being conducted giving you a cost-effective solution.

Communication Capture

Step 1

Choose the communication channels you want to archive

Hydra Workflow Step 02

Step 2

Hydra downloads and formats the data

Step 3

Hydra sends the data to an archive (single or multiple destinations)


Step 1

Choose the communication channels you want to perform ediscovery on

Step 2

Create search

Step 3

Hydra downloads and formats the data you select

Step 4

Hydra generates your unique business intelligence report with in-depth insights

Step 5

Hydra sends the data to review platform

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