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Our solutions enable clients leveraging the next generation of document management systems to work more effectively and fully utilize their investment. We offer a range of solutions focusing on key elements such as security, search, integration and other user controls within the NetDocuments platform.

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Help Desk Admin

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Auto Account Removal
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Shortcut Mail

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Hive – Security

Provides advanced visibility into your organization’s NetDocuments users & groups. Get a comprehensive picture of where your organization is exposed. Allows for full understanding of user’s access rights, and the material they have access to. Reduces insider threats by supporting and maintaining a least privilege model.

Hive – Search Import and Export

IT and legal professionals often encounter manual-heavy search and export processes. VerQu’s Search Import & Export solution streamlines these processes by usage of mass search and the ability to import & export 10,000+ documents at a time, based on multiple criteria. Filter words include Author, Workspace, Folder, etc.


Hive – Help Desk Admin

VerQu’s Help Desk Admin solution for NetDocuments enables Help/Support Desk personnel to search for and act on documents via elevated credentials provided by the access license, without elevating the user’s individual credentials. The solution’s credentials limit functionality by means of actions within the solution.

Hive – Remediation

Repairs potential risks and issues within your NetDocuments environment that our Security/Help Desk Admin modules help identify. The repair module finds the problem and further exercises the ability to delete empty files and workspaces, add and remove team members/groups and remove over provisioned users. This allows the user to make mass changes to documents, cabinets and workspaces.


Hive – Analytics

Access Hive’s unique insights by producing basic and advanced reports, and allowing your organization to gain a deeper understanding of trends within NetDocuments. Advanced reporting will consist of metadata pertaining to usage, growth, and activity. These detailed reports present information you need to analyze for your business conveniently and collectively in one platform.

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Hive Solutions

Aimed at solving NetDocuments customers’ most challenging pain points, our standalone solutions have been designed and developed while working with firms all around the world. Whether your organization is newly implemented or simply looking to upgrade your current solutions, we tackle problems of every shape and size.

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Solutions – Auto Account Removal and Recovery

All firms leveraging their Active Directory environment for access to NetDocuments face various challenges, including – but not limited to – accidental deletions or modifications. VerQu’s Auto Account Removal & Recovery solution lets NetDocuments admins automate the removal of user accounts within their IT environment.

Solutions – NetDocuments Interceptor

Intercepts and redirects legacy document links to open seamlessly within NetDocuments. Our NetDocuments Interceptor provides a seamless user experience for handling legacy references/stubs that may remain in the organization’s emails or other files after successful migration to NetDocuments. Full Support for the following links: eDocs (DRF), iManage (NRL) and Worldox (WDL).

Solutions – Shortcut Mail Interceptor

The only solution on the market built to restore mail from shortcuts for NetDocuments as a means to conserve space. As mail is swept into DMS repositories, users are unable to retrieve the content easily. Shortcut Mail Interceptor works to improve efficiency by offering a seamless experience.

Solutions – ShareSpace Migrator

Hive’s ShareSpace Migrator transfers documents securely into a Collaboration space with its access, history, headings and follows.
We focus on moving items so you can share and
collaborate on documents effortlessly.

Download our ShareSpace Migrator Sheet to see how we help migrate your ShareSpaces to CollabSpaces

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Supported Platforms

Organizations trust VerQu for continuous product innovation. We’ve aligned ourselves with the leaders in document management platforms and partner to deliver solutions around compliance, security and administrator privileges. Our unmatched commitment to new integrations and innovation has made our technology a leader in the space.

VerQu Supported Platform iManage
VerQu Supported Platform Worldox
VerQu Supported Platform NetDocuments
VerQu Supported Platform eDocs

Technical Requirements

System Prerequisites

2- Application Servers

  • 4 core Processor
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Windows Server 2019 x64
  • 50 GB HDD space per server for app. install and log files

1- Database Server

  • 4 Core Processor
  • 32 GB RAM
  • SQL Server 2014 64-Bit Enterprise or higher
  • 200 GB initial storage – 150 GB for data and 50 GB for Log files

Additional Requirements

  • SQL Server Management Studio loaded on one of the App. Servers
  • Version of SSMS should be at the same level or higher as SQL Server
  • Chrome browser loaded on same server
  • Ability to open network port in a configurable range with Windows Firewall rule

Access Requirements

  • Windows Service Account
    • With Read Access to Active Directory
    • Member of Local Admin Group on both App. Servers
    • Admin access to PowerShell
    • Also, DBO access to a new DB catalog to be created on the SQL Server in step one
    • This DB catalog (named Hive) will also need to be made the default database for the account
  • NetDocuments Access Requirements
    • Service Account (Admin Account)

System Prerequisites

  • .Net Framework 4.7.2+
  • Windows Active Directory
  • Windows Service Account
    • With Read Access to Active Directory
    • Member of Local Admin Group
  • AD security group named HelpDeskAccess-Admin
    • With at least one member in the group
  • Recommended: NetDocuments service account to connect to the application (HDAdmin)

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