With MessageWatch, Compliance has never been easier.

MessageWatch elimates compliance issues, and ensures that all messages are archived successfully.

The Problem

In today's business environment, Compliance and Legal departments can be asked to produce electronic copies of important communications or documents. Every day, your business handles countless messages and files that could contain essential information for business, tax or contractual purposes. Companies are required by law to maintain these communications as governed by SEC Rule 17a-4.

If your company utilizes EV and is not handling Failed Messages, your Mail Archiving system is not in full compliance.

Locate Failed Message

Identify items that failed to be archived and place them into the appropriate appliance archive.

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MessageWatch keeps guard over multiple journal mailboxes in order to maintain compliance.

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Configure a custom schedule to maintain compliance on multiple journal mailboxes.

How MessageWatch Works

VerQu’s proprietary software MessageWatch processes Failed Messages so you don’t have to! MessageWatch scans journal mailboxes for failed messages and re-ingests them into Enterprise Vault to be processed again.

MessageWatch can be scheduled to run on a recurring basis so that there is less impact to the Messaging Team. This frees up valuable resources to work on mission critical issues. More important – processing of Failed Messages makes searches more complete for eDiscovery & legal searches.

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