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Shoot us an open application!

We are always on the hunt for new talent!

We strive to make your corporate life simpler, enjoyable, and more productive. Come join our team! We are top-level engineers, developers and project managers with deep knowledge and understanding of data and the ever-changing information technology landscape. Apply to one of the jobs listed to kick off your career at VerQu.

Software Developer

Apply to be a Software Developer. Software Developers play a critical role in what makes VerQu stay on the forefront of innovation in the ever-changing technology industry. We are looking for an outstanding developer who has ex [...]

Sales Account Executive

Apply to be a Sales Account Executive. Help business boom at VerQu! In Sales at VerQu, you will drive VerQu's future growth engine by establishing relationships with the fastest growing technology companies worldwide. You will [...]

Systems Engineer

Apply to be a Systems Engineer. Maintain the infrastructure that helps build VerQu. The Engineering team builds and maintains the internal systems and services that keep VerQu’s IT infrastructure running smoothly. As a Systems [...]

Work at VerQu

VerQu is a fast growing organization looking for doers, builders and sellers. Culture has always been one of our highest priorities and we strive to make sure our philosophy stays intact as we grow. Join us, whatever your background, experience or skills.

VerQu - Data Management and Migration
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VerQu - Data Management and Migration
Ask us what we can do for you